People standing in front of fire truck


At the meeting, the N. Ridgeville Fire Department demonstrated the use of one of the four Pedi-mate units that the N. Ridgeville Kiwanis Club donated to the E.M.S. units. Pedi-mates secure infants and toddlers up to 40 pounds to the stretchers. The Pedi-mates, costing $250 each, were purchased with funds obtained from a grant from the Ohio District Kiwanis plus two fundraisers sponsored by our club. Bob Fortune, a 25 year plus Kiwanis member, had been in charge of the project and can provide additional information about Pedi-mates should anyone need more information. Attending this special presentation: North Ridgeville’s Mayor Dave Gillock , North Ridgeville’s New Fire Chief John Reese, and members of the Fire Department, members of the North Ridgeville Kiwanis Club, the Owner of Bullfrogs, Hugh McQuillan, who donates his room to our club and works with us on numerous projects throughout the year, some of Bullfrog’s staff and their families, and members of the Avon Lake Kiwanis Club. The Fire Department graciously brought along the Chief’s Car , a Fire Truck , and an Ambulance, which unfortunately had to make a number of emergency runs during the event. The demonstration, in the absence of the ambulance, was done on a chair, but still shows how fast the unit can be assembled and how securely children can now be transported to area hospitals.

Newspaper article titled "Keeping Kids Safe"